e-Notice Board

All NCE Regular Students must validate their FCES OYO NCE Portal email accounts by clicking the link below.
Verifying your portal account ensures seamless access and functionality, thus enhancing security measures.

Click Here to Validate Account  |  Click Here To Get Validation Code

The Procedures for registration for newly admitted students in the College are as follows:

(i) Report at the Admissions Office to collect College Admission Letter upon presentation of your already printed JAMB Admission Letter.
(ii) Proceed to your School (e. g. School of Secondary Education, Science Programmes) for screening to obtain:          
     (a)     online screening Code          
      (b)     Authority to pay

(iii) For your Registration Fees Payment. Visit www.nce.fcesoyo.edu.ng to pay your Registration Fees through the Remita Platform.
(iv) Print payment success for
     (a) Registration fees
     (b) Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP)
     (c) College Series Submit the copies of the payment success at Bursary (Students’ Account Unit) Note: Do not pay Registration Fees without screening code and authority to pay.

(v) Visit www.nce.fcesoyo.edu.ng to create a new Portal Account.
     (a) Print the online Course Form.
     (b) Print the online Profile Slip.

(vi) Signing of Completed Course Form at:
     (a) School of Education
     (b) School of Special Education
     (c) And your School of Teaching Subject to sign the course form.

(vii) Submit copies of the signed course form at the above School Offices and other Unit/Departments as may be advised. For students who would want to register in any Cybercafe of choice, Visit www.nce.fcesoyo.edu.ng. click “Create Account” under undergraduate section of the Portal Home page.
   (i) Print-out the Course Registration Form and make six (6) photocopies
   (ii) Submit the computer print-out course registration form at the designation specified below:
     (a) Teaching Area School - (3 copies)
     (b) School of Education - (1 copy)
     (c) School of Special Education - (1 copy)

Students of Early Childhood, Primary Education and Adult Education are to submit four (4) copies to the School of Education. At the beginning of 200 level, students are expected to obtain and complete Add/Delete Forms for registration of courses in their chosen special areas.